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This website brings you lists of authors, books, journals and articles in the area of attachment theory.  Many articles have summaries attached and links to full-text where available or assistance with seeking full-text on the web where not. Many books have chapter lists and chapter summaries, and the entire site has been set up with the intention that it provides a brief overview and introdution to the attachment theory literature with further depth in areas that I feel are important for undergraduates or where my interests and consequent readings have taken me.

As well as the above, on the left you will notice links to a measures section containing notes on using attachment measures, eleven classic self-report attachment theory measures with scoring instructions, and notes on other measures such as the Strange Situation Procedure. 

Don't miss the site's new bookshop. Through our affiliation with Amazon, this shop is powered by the trusted Amazon service and provide information on general psychology, statistics, SPSS and research methods texts suitable as core or wider reading for undergraduate students, as well as a searchable and fully comprehensive catalogue of books in the area of attachment theory.

This site was originally launched seven years ago but has proven increasingly popular year-on-year as College and University lecturers around the world have provided materials and set up links to this site from their laboratory or teaching pages. Comments and contributed content is always welcome and we hope you find the site a useful tool in your studies or research in the area of attachment theory.

As of the last update, this site provides information on 501 books, chapters, presentations, manuscripts and journal articles.

We've not updated this site in quite a while but we're pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal with and with the support of this experience days website we expect to be able to start bringing the site up to date with new reviews and updated article and book lists so we are fully up to date by the end of the summer.

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